Courthouse Briefs

Marriage licenses – None

Marriage dissolutions – None

Small claims – Absolute Resolutions Investments, LLC vs. Steven R. Mercer II; Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. April Annette Lenart; Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Bobbie Jones; Capital One Bank USA, NA vs. Jeanne Marie Hendricks; Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Michael Richards; Capital One Bank USA, NA vs. Eloise M. Rohner; Cavalry SPV I, LLC vs.Brianna N. Hurtt; Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Kassie R. Mercer; Convergence Acquisitions LLC vs. Tina Salyars; Midland Funding LLC vs. Dustin J. Young; Midland Funding LLC vs. Kimberly Marie Johnson

                  Resolved – Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Marissa Kay Besler, against defendant $4,195.43; LVNV Funding LLC vs. Dawn Michel Meyer, against defendant $846.90; Wade Curtis Eilers vs. Paul Edwin Nelson, against defendant Writ of Possession; Jeffrey Arnold Lueken vs. James Alan Loehr, against defendant Writ of Possession; LVNV Funding LLC vs. Johnathon Richard Tuttle, dismissed

Traffic violations

                  Speeding – Deon Seats, Marion, $40; Billy Jo Butteris, Delhi, $20; Ashly Dianne Nickels, Anamosa, $40; Maxwell Jakob Rector, Belton, Texas, $170; Anthony Peter Berns Leone, Cedar Rapids, $40; Charles K. Splinter, East Dubuque, Ill., $40; Avrill Caroline Gratton, Coralville, $40; Briana M.C. Dahl, Crystal Lake, Ill., $40; Megan Meredith Falcon, Madison, Wis., $80

                  No insurance – Joseph Allen Anders, Anamosa, $250; Deon Seats, Marion, $250; Stasia Lee Hall, Anamosa, $250; Christopher Warren Riches, Anamosa, $250

                  Following too close – Christopher Allison Clark Smith, Wyoming, $100; Isaac Emerson Sweet, Guttenberg, $100

                  Failure to yield upon entering highway – Joshua Michael Rundell, Center Junction, $100

                  Open container-driver 21 years and older – Samuel Timothy Scriver, Cedar Falls, $200

                  Minor using tobacco/vapor product – Kristen Kaye Lietz, Scotch Grove, $100; Garrett Dale McCoy, Monticello, $100

                  Operating non-registered vehicle – Todd Allen Edler, Jr., Anamosa, $50

                  Possessing/purchasing alcohol by person 18-19-20 – Chayce Ryan O’Connor, Center Point, $200

                  No seatbelt – Kelly Eugene Patch, Murphysboro, Tenn., $50

Civil cases – LACV006617 Veridian Credit Union vs. Robin Sue Moore and Kelvin Moore; LACV00618 Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. James D. Lieurance



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