Courthouse Briefs

Marriage licenses – None

Marriage dissolutions – None

Small claims – LVNV Funding LLC vs. Michael Lynn Breeden, Jr. (x2); Citizens Savings Bank vs. Raistlin Xavier Stuart; Onemain Financial Group, LLC vs. Michael J. Reddoor

                  Resolved – LVNV Funding LLC vs. Kristin Campion, against defendant $1,996.79; LVNV Funding LLC vs. Heather Anne Swain, against defendant $645.98; LVNV Funding LLC vs. James Joseph Bertling, against defendant $1,831.32; Cavalry Portfolio Services LLC vs. Brian John Porter, against defendant $1,142.14; Discover Bank vs. Amy J. Tjaden, dismissed; Coyle’s Plumbing & heating vs. Larry Charbonneau and Betty Moeller, dismissed

Traffic violations

                  Speeding – Travis Eugene McClure, Anamosa, $30; Cruz Ibarra Cortez, Prairie Du Sac, Wis., $55; Stephanie Kay Postler, Montello, Wis., $55; Patrick James O’Rourke, Cedar Rapids, $30; Moussa Diouf, Iowa City, $30; Beau Henry Kramer, Epworth, $55; Richard Edward Pisz, Jr., Florence, Ariz., $55; Cortney Mae Henak, Hanover, Ill., $55; Vicky Sue Downs, Cedar Rapids, $55; Phillip Frankie Bochicchio, Marion, $30; Ashley Kaye Schattgen, Monticello, $30; Jhonatan Real Merino, Fitchburg, Wis., $105; Camron Coulter Woodley, Mount Vernon, $55

                  Resident/non-resident registration/user permit – Nicolas Belzer Ahlrichs, Monticello, $65; Dakota Daniel Steuri, Monticello, $65

                  Failure to yield upon left turn – Susan Jean Crosby, Anamosa, $135

                  Using handheld mobile phone while operating CMV – Daniel Cociug, Fort Mill, S.C., $70

                  Lighting device-color/mounting – Michael R. Sperfslage, Anamosa, $30

                  Failure to display registration plate – Michael R. Sperfslage, Anamosa, $30

                  Following too close – Jaysen D. Franks, Anamosa, $135

                  Failure to comply with safety regulations – Jacob John Null, Monticello, $70

                  Trailer registration expired – Jacob John Null, Monticello, $70

                  Truck registration expired – Jacob John Null, Monticello, $70

                  Failure to maintain control – Carter Alan Mohr, Onslow, $135

                  No insurance – Vicky Sue Downs, Cedar Rapids, $325

                  No valid driver’s license – Christopher M. Carpenter, Anamosa, $260

Civil cases – None


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