Courthouse Briefs

Marriage licenses – Byron Gregory First and Darbie Elizbeth Theilen, both of Anamosa; Allison Randi DeMoss and Christopher Carey Atkinson, both of Monticello

Marriage dissolutions – None

Small claims – Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Matthew Ryan Ashcraft; Midland Credit Management Inc. vs. Lester Wacker; Discover Bank vs. Christopher Michael Holmlund

                  Resolved – None

Traffic violations

                  Speeding – Trea Anthony Fuhrmeister, Strawberry Point, $55; Jose Alberto Martinez, Maquoketa, $55; Ashley Dianne Nickels, Anamosa, $55; Alondra Quechol Ramirez, Middleton, Wis., $120; Deonte Alexander Newsome, Milwaukee, Wis., $55; Emily Margaret Cigrand, Anamosa, $105; Heather Denise Cunard, Baxter, Tenn., $30; Bryan Richard Lucier, Anamosa, $30; Ronald Marvin Heggebo, Rochester, Minn., $55; Kenneth Gerard Dombrowski, Amherst Junction, Wis., $105; Conor Scott Fortune, Anamosa, $30; Carter Matthew Speller, Anamosa, $30; Ashley Kim Gott, Scotch Grove, $55; Marcos Perez Sanchez, Cedar Rapids, $55

                  Registration violation – Chad William Heskett, Anamosa, $30; Colleen Kelly Ahrendsen, Center Junction, $30; Krystine Marie Morrison, Monticello, $30

                  Failure to yield upon entering through highway – Trenton Jacob Moats, Anamosa, $135

                  Improper use of lanes – Helene Louise Curl, Monticello, $135

                  Dark window/windshield – Daniel T. Tollstam, Anamosa, $70; Michael John Dittmer, Tipton, $70

                  Failure to use child restraint device – Emily Margaret Cigrand, Anamosa, $270 (x2)

                  Person under 21 using tobacco/vapor product- Sheralyn Louise Cooey, Onslow, $70; Wayne Tylar Crowley, Onslow, $70; Jayden Laine Dirks, Center Junction, $70

                  No valid driver’s license – Paul Robert Jaeger, Galena, Ill., $260

                  Failure to yield upon left turn – Kay E. Prasil, Lisbon, $135

                  Operation without registration – Halie Marie Dahms, Marion, $70

Civil casesEQCV007224 Patrick Stephen McDowell Estate vs. Jones County Board of Supervisors and Lansing Bros Construction Co. Inc.; LACV007225 Estate of Patrick Stephen McDowell vs. U.S. Bank National Assn Trustee and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc.; DRCV007226 Steven Lee Khorll vs. Alyssa A. Rindy


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