Day of Caring BINGO unites people during COVID-19

Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     May 15 was supposed to be Day of Caring, an annual event spearheaded by the Jones County Volunteer Center, led by Coordinator Amy Keltner.

     Day of Caring has been ongoing in Jones County since 2013.

     The day brings volunteers together to tackle numerous service projects across the county. Last year, The Volunteer Center coordinated 325 volunteers as they clocked 675 hours of service.

     “While we may not be able to have our traditional activities, we want to continue to keep the momentum going and make a difference in the communities we love,” said Keltner.

     To encourage community service, especially at this time of social distancing and restrict COVID-19 guidelines, the Volunteer Center came up with a virtual volunteer BINGO game for the month of May. There are various tasks that can be completed on the BINGO card as a way to give back to your community and make a difference:

     • Write and mail a letter to a family member

     • Create cards and send them to essential employees

     • Connect with an isolated senior citizen

     • Host a virtual book club

     Once you’ve completed your BINGO card, send it to and report your number of volunteer hours from the various tasks. At the end of May, Keltner will hold a drawing for prizes.

     “Take photos during your activity,” urged Keltner of holding people accountable. Those photos can be posted on social media by tagging the Volunteer Center or e-mailed to Keltner.

     “Volunteering in our community is still so important. These activities give us a way to continue to feel engaged with our family, friends, and community members,” said Keltner. “In these trying times, we need to remember that we are all still united and part of something bigger than ourselves. Volunteering can also be a resume builder, skill builder, and connection maker for anyone looking toward the next steps in their lives.”

     The Volunteer Center is part of United Way of East Central Iowa. With all hands-on volunteer activities postponed right now, Day of Caring BINGO is a great alternative.

     “We are hoping to be able to schedule some hands-on volunteering in the fall,” said Keltner.

     You can get a copy of the BINGO card by visiting the Jones County Volunteer Center on Facebook, or e-mailing your request to


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