Domination: Panther varsity, JV teams sweep relocated Cascade Invite

Monticello runners (from front) Jasper Nietert, Zach Chapman and Cole Cruise were the top three individual boys at the Cascade Invitational.

Emma Althoff of Monticello strides her way to victory in the Cascade Invitational Sept. 19. The meet was moved to Anamosa Middle School due to course conditions at the scheduled site, Fillmore Fairways. (Photos by Pete Temple)
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     To call it “the best race we have run all year,” as Monticello cross country coach Dan Sauser, is a significant understatement.

     Monticello swept both varsity races, and both JV races, at the Cascade Invitational Sept. 19, which due to course conditions at Fillmore Fairways was moved to Anamosa Middle School.

     “We’re really starting to hit our stride,” Sauser said.

     The Panthers won the boys’ varsity race with a near-perfect score of 16, taking first through fourth places, along with sixth, in the team scoring.

     Those runners included Jasper Nietert, who was the overall winner in 17 minutes, 29 seconds; Zach Chapman, second in 17:39; Cole Cruise, third in 17:40; Carter Kurt, fourth in team scoring (fifth overall) in 17:52; and Harrison Ahlrichs, sixth in team scoring (seventh overall) in 17:56.

     They were backed up by Carter Cruise, who was 20th in a personal record time of 18:52; and Gavin Baugh, 28th in 19:23.

     The boys’ top five runners were separated by just 27 seconds. And the top five combined for a team time that was about four minutes faster than Monticello had run on the Anamosa course a year ago.

     “We’re seeing things start to gel,” Sauser said. “We have five boys running as well as any other team’s five boys on any Class 2A team in the state.”

     The Panther girls were similarly dominant, taking five of the top 10 scoring positions. Emma Althoff was the overall champion with a time of 20:24, and teammate Karle Kramer was second in 20:58.

     Monticello also had the 8-9-10 runners in team scoring, with, respectively, Lydia Recker, 21:56; Emily Hendricks, 22:03; and Triniti Etzel, 22:07.

     Katie Roher ran 22nd in 23:04, and Mya Postel, who has improved her times by more than three minutes already this season, was 24th in 23:21.

     “Emma is running outstanding right now,” Sauser said. “From the gun, she just gets after it. Emily Hendricks has been rock-solid. And Karle, Lydia and Triniti have given us everything we saw from them last year and then some.”

     Monticello was also strong in the junior varsity races, winning both. For the boys, the Panthers scored 19 points to win by 31 over runner-up Cascade, and had the top four runners in Levi Temple (with a PR), Dylan Ponder, Grant Hospodarsky and Kale Hansen. Running season best times were Hansen, Jayden Orcutt and Nathan Sauser.

     Sarah Spence was the overall girls’ JV winner, and the Panthers had a perfect score of 15. In total, Monticello had the top seven runners. Following Spence were Karli Recker, Dru Kramer, Faith Hansen, Ella Glawatz, Maddie Stadtmueller and Gabrielle Guilford.

     So Monticello not only had the top team in each high school race, it also had the top individual in each.

     “I think that’s definitely a first,” coach Sauser said. “I’m looking forward to what’s yet to come.”

Back to Anamosa

     The Panther teams will return to the Anamosa Middle School course, this time for Anamosa’s invitational, Sept. 28. Race times are 8:30 a.m. for middle school girls, 8:55 a.m. for middle school boys, 9:30 a.m. for varsity girls, 9:55 a.m. for varsity boys, 10:30 a.m. for JV girls, and 10:55 a.m. for JV boys.

State qualifying assignments

to come in October

     Coach Sauser said Monticello won’t know where the Panthers will go for the state qualifying meet until next month, likely around the time the River Valley Conference Meet is held (Oct. 15).


Sept. 19

Cascade Inv.

(moved to Anamosa

Middle School)


     1, Monticello 16; 2, Maquoketa Valley 50; 3, Benton Community 118; 4, Cascade 123; 5, Iowa City Regina 124; 6, Anamosa 127; 7, Durant 169; 8, East Dubuque (Ill.) 248; 9, Dyersville Beckman 252; 10, Midland 279.


     1, Jasper Nietert, 17:29; 2, Zach Chapman, 17:39; 3, Cole Cruise, 17:40; 5, Carter Kurt, 17:52; 6, Harrison Ahlrichs, 17:56; 20, Carter Cruise, 18:52; 28; Gavin Baugh, 19:23.


     1, Monticello 30; 2, Benton Community 68; 3, Iowa City Regina 77; 4, Clinton Prince of Peace 122; 5, Anamosa 127; 6, Cascade 127; 7, Maquoketa Valley 173; 8, Maquoketa 186; 9, Dyersville Beckman 223.


     1, Emma Althoff, 20:24; 2, Karle Kramer, 20:58; 8, Lydia Recker, 21:56; 9, Emily Hendricks, 22:03; 10, Triniti Etzel, 22:07; 22, Katie Roher, 23:04; 24, Mya Postel, 23:21.


     1, Monticello 19; 2, Cascade 50; 3, Benton Community 67; 4, Iowa City Regina 102.


     1, Levi Temple, 19:37; 2, Dylan Ponder, 19:40; 3, Grant Hospodarsky, 20:11; 4, Kale Hansen, 20:15; 8, Jayden Orcutt, 20:44; 9, Jacob Miller, 20:55; 16, Dominik Chally, 21:53; 21, Nathan Oswald, 22:04; 22, Keegan Glawatz, 22:05; 25, Connor Hynick, 22:14; 28, Hayden Tomkins, 22:21; 31, Erlin Bell, 22:29; 32, Cord Nietert, 22:45; 34, Trey Kuper, 22:58; 35, Nathan Sauser, 23:12; 38, Noah Webber, 23:32; 51, Michael Berta, 30:14.


     1, Monticello 15; 2, Benton Community 50.


     1, Sarah Spence, 24:13; 2, Karli Recker, 24:25; 3, Dru Kramer, 25:22; 4, Faith Hansen, 25:29; 5, Ella Glawatz, 25:42; 6, Maddie Stadtmueller, 26:02; 7, Gabrielle Guilford, 26:37; 11, Savannah Freese, 27:01; 13, Lizzie Petersen, 27:51; 14, Jackie Stadtmueller, 28:13.



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