Durant teams topple Panthers

Caleb Gillmore winds up for Monticello during the Jan. 9 match at Durant’s Idle Hour Lanes. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Natalie Newhard of Monticello competes in the Durant match Jan. 9.

Kegan Arduser follows through for Monticello against Durant.

Jordyn Patterson takes her turn for the Panthers.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     Monticello High School’s bowling teams came back from their lengthy break to face a tough Durant team, and came out on the short end of both varsity matches.

     Durant’s boys defeated the Panthers 2806 to 2660, and the Wildcat girls topped Monticello 2325 to 2096.

     The match was held Tuesday, Jan. 9 at Idle Hour Lanes in Durant.

     “You can tell that program has been in existence for a while,” Monticello coach Brian Meyer said of the Durant teams. “And, I think their home advantage really got us. It’s a huge advantage, being on your own set of bowling lanes that you practice on all the time. They played their lanes the way they needed to be played.”

     Both Panther teams were competitive for parts of the match. In the Baker round, Monticello’s boys won the last three of five games, but the pin deficit after the first two games was too much to overcome, and Durant was the overall Baker winner by 36 pins.

     The Panther girls were competitive in the two individual games, finishing just 52 pins behind Durant’s total. Durant took control in the Baker round outscoring Monticello by 177.

     Monticello did have several strong individual performances. Caleb Gillmore rolled a 222 in his second game on the way to a team-leading 394 two-game series. Kegan Arduser had a 212, Robert Pejchl posted a 200, and Hayo Eiben had a 191.

     For the girls, Cassie Gillmore and Natalie Newhard were separated by just one pin after the two individual games, Gillmore with 328 and Newhard with 327. Newhard had the highest individual score, a 189, and Cassie Gillmore recorded a 183. Jordyn Patterson had a 157 game.

     “We’re learning,” Meyer said.

     There were no junior varsity matches.


Jan. 9

(at Idle Hour Lanes, Durant)


     Durant 2806, Monticello 2660.

Individual round total

(two games)

     Durant 1905, Monticello 1795.

Monticello results

     Caleb Gillmore 172-222–394, Kegan Arduser 212-166–378, Hayo Eiben 182-191­–373, Robert Pejchl 200-134–334, David Titman 161-155–316, Levi Temple 151-138–289.

Baker round total*

(five games)

     Durant 901, Monticello 865.

Baker games

     Durant 214, Monticello 180.

     Durant 198, Monticello 115.

     Monticello 199, Durant 174.

     Monticello 184, Durant 174.

     Monticello 187, Durant 141.


     Durant 2325, Monticello 2096.

Individual round total

(two games)

     Durant 1487, Monticello 1435.

Monticello results

     Cassie Gillmore 183-145–328, Natalie Newhard 138-189–327, Jordyn Patterson 118-157–275, Rachel Larabee 122-136–258, Jordan Lorenzen 118-129–247, Keeley Anderson 135-105–240.

Baker round total*

(five games)

     Durant 838, Monticello 661.

Baker games

     Durant 156, Monticello 111.

     Durant 180, Monticello 126.

     Durant 144, Monticello 129.

     Durant 187, Monticello 144.

     Durant 171, Monticello 151.

* – In the Baker round, teams select five bowlers, and each bowls two frames per game.



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