It is coming

Uplifting Moments Column
Rev. Doug DiBell
New Life Community Church of the Nazarene

     It’s getting close. Everyday now it is closer than yesterday. Are you excited? Can wait for it?  The children, teens, and adults all view it differently. But we all get something out of it. We must wait though. We wait, and we wait, and  we wait a little longer.

     So, then the day is upon us we are ready. We made it through the tough day. We have been looking forward to the day. You don’t have to cook breakfast, because there is a lot of sweets to eat. We can get in and out of church if we want to go.

     But, is that what we should do?  Mom and dad took the time to raise us to honor Easter Sunday. Grandma and grandpa gave us guidance, pointed us to the church as well.

     The sad thing about this great Christian day is that it has been commercialized by the World. Just like Christmas also has been commercialized by the World. But, Easter has a Bunny taking center stage. He brings great candy for the children, (mom and dad leave the candy alone). The baskets can have dolls in them or a football. You can spend a lot of money on a basket if you so choose. But that shouldn’t be our focus.

     This year we have the unpleasant task of talking about one of the greatest days in the Christian Church and we must share it with April Fools Day. Now I am going to tell you that we have the Word of God and we can read it and learn Jesus is no fool. The only fool is the one who doesn’t believe in the Word of God and everything written in it came from God. 2 Timothy 3:16 & 17 says, All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness,17 so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. But, if you don’t believe that you will not be able to believe Jesus came to save sinners. Who is a sinner? I am, Billy Graham was, and so, are you.  BUT, Jesus came to save sinners like me, Mr. Graham, and you. You must believe…in something you don’t see but He is real. Just like the oxygen you breath, you don’t see it but it is there.  Mark 1:14 & 15 After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. 15 “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”  Do you believe in Jesus? Have you ever repented? Turn around and walk away from a life of sin.

     You see Jesus said in John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.  How can that be? Well, on Good Friday you can see that Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for sinners. You can see this in the Bible in the Old Testament. 2 Timothy 1:9 and 10 it says, He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given to us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time, 10 but it has now been revealed through the appearing of our Savior, Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.  Little background on this passage, Jesus died for our sins if we believe in Him and repent, turn to Him, we can have eternal life. The physician, Luke in his Book wrote down this, He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’” 

     This is what I am going to celebrate on Easter Sunday. The empty tomb, Jesus is and still is alive. For people like you and me. Sinners because we need to be the one who needs to tell the lost about Jesus and His forgiveness.  Romans 10:13 “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

     I leave you with this thought, if you repent and ask Jesus for forgiveness you will be saved. So, how are you going to answer this? All I can say is DON’T BE THE FOOL THIS EASTER.



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