JCCF pays out more than $52,000

     The Jones County Community Foundation (JCCF) recently authorized $52,350 in agency and donor-advised endowment payouts for Fiscal Year 2017.

     Community foundations are charitable organizations that administer funds to benefit their communities and improve the lives of people in their geographic region. Non-profit organizations and community members can create endowment funds at JCCF to benefit charitable causes. These funds are invested and pay out 5 percent annually to the designated non-profits, providing a reliable source of income to sustain organizations- operations forever.

     Endowment payouts help non-profits like Jones Regional Medical Center.

     “Our endowment payouts help to sustain healthcare in our community,” said Sheila Tjaden, Community Development director at Jones Regional Medical Center. “The funds are available for non-budgeted items that help to improve the health of the people and communities we serve.”

     Several non-profits like JRMC have established endowment funds through JCCF. Non-profit leaders look to the Community Foundation to hold their organizations’ endowments because the reliable source of funding helps them respond to emerging needs as well as to plan and sustain the good work they do.

     Donors who give to endowments through a community foundation also benefit from the Endow Iowa 25 percent State Tax Credit in addition to federal charitable income tax deductions.

     “These funds help sustain the crucial missions of non-profits in Jones County so they can continue to enrich lives in Jones County forever,” said Sherri Hunt, JCCF coordinator. “Each fund is unique to a donor’s dreams for the future of Jones County.”

     For more information about the JCCF, visit www.dbqfoundation.org/JCCF.


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