Jones Co. Tourism serves entire county

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     I read with interest Mr. Hanken’s letter in the Monticello Express. I certainly appreciate his enthusiasm for Jones County Tourism.

     I would like to clear up a few things about Jones County Tourism:

     • We do have an office in Anamosa at 121 E. Main St., but we do work for the entire county, and we have board members from the entire county.

     • All towns in Jones County, including Monticello, contribute financially to support Jones County Tourism through a per capita program (30 cents per person) and have for the past 10 years.

     • We are funded by support from the Jones County Supervisors, memberships from local businesses and individuals, per capita from all towns in the county, and Hotel/Motel Tax from the county and Anamosa.

     • One of our goals for this year is at attract more overnight visitors to Jones County. When they stay in our hotels, they not only contribute to the Hotel/Motel Tax, they also spend on the average of $240-plus a day in our restaurants, shops, and attractions.

     • We are certainly happy to see Boulders Inn & Suites in Monticello, and hope in the near future to share in some of the Hotel/Motel Tax from Monticello to help promote more tourists to the area and more overnight stays.

     If you have any questions about Jones County Tourism, please give me a call at 319-462-4101 or e-mail me at Or, better yet, stop in our office at 121 E. Main St. in Anamosa.

Bob Hatcher


Jones County Tourism



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