JRMC honored by UD for PA program assistance

The University of Dubuque’s PA Program recognized JRMC for its support of hosting UD students for clinical rotations. From left are JRMC CEO Eric Briesemeister, UD PA Director Natalie Weber, and JRMC Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner Linda Oberbroeckling. (Photo by Kim Brooks)
Staff report

     UnityPoint Health – Jones Regional Medical Center was recognized on Dec. 18 by the University of Dubuque (UD) for its support of the UD Physician Assistant (PA) Program.

     Natalie Weber, PA Program director, presented the plaques to JRMC CEO Eric Briesemeister and Linda Oberbroeckling, JRMC nurse practitioner for Palliative Care.

     JRMC welcomed 20 UD students to its facility for their clinical rotations. Those rotations occurred in: Surgery, emergency medicine, family medicine, and palliative care. They also had opportunities with occupational health, infusion center, diabetes education, hospitalists, and the wound clinic.

     Weber explained the UD students worked directly with JRMC providers and staff throughout the various rotations.

     “They gained needed skills in each of their disciplines,” Weber said.

     UD’s PA program has an emphasis on rural healthcare, which is why JRMC is a great fit for the student to come and learn from.

     “We value this relationship, which has a direct tie to our mission,” said Weber.

     Oberbroeckling was directly responsible for four UD students.

     “They were very well trained and prepared,” she praised of their preparation coming to JRMC.

     Oberbroeckling said the students already knew how to dictate and perform differentials (distinguishing a particular disease or condition from another).

     “They had a good foundation,” she said.

     Briesemeister said while he’s accepting one of the awards as hospital CEO, the credit really goes to the providers and support staff.

     “They all believe strongly in education for the next generation of providers,” he said. “They want the highest quality possible.”

     UD just saw its inaugural PA program class graduate with 23 students in all. (Again, 20 of those gained experience through JRMC.)

     “We hope to have an ongoing relationship here,” she said.

     “Our program has the honor of presenting awards to individuals and facilities that have supported the UD PA program through numerous student experiences,” stated Weber. “Although an award could never wholly capture our full gratitude, we present the awards as a sign of our appreciation for JRMC’s continued dedication to student learning through preceptorship opportunities.”



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