Kehoe, Oberfoell are contest winners

     The first week’s Express Football Contest was won by C.J. Kehoe of Monticello, who won on a tie-breaker. He was one of four contestants to miss just one game, but his tie-breaker predicted total of 35 (21 was the actual total) earned him $20.

     Placing second was Brad Freese, who missed one game and had a TB score of 43, good for $10. Two other contestants missed one game, Tom Luensman (TB of 46) and Phil Larabee (58).

     For the guest pickers, Nick Miller of Ohnward Bank & Trust missed two games, and Dave Postel of DuTrac missed five games. Week One had 56 entries.

     Week two’s contest was won by Carol Oberfoell of Monticello. Carol missed three games. Her tiebreaker score of 43 (67 was the Panther score) was five better then second place winner, Kathy Barta of Cedar Rapids who picked 38. Carol wins $20 and Kathy wins $10.

     Among the guest pickers, Pete Temple missed six games and Mark Spensley missed seven games. There were 53 entries in week two. One faxed entry was unreadable and thus eliminated.


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