MACC distributes $5,000 in Fareway gift cards

     Over the past month, the Monticello Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) has been pleased to partner with Fareway Stores as gift cards were presented to businesses and organizations in the community. In addition, one anonymous donor and Dr. Emily Recker from Family Chiropractic each donated another $1,000 in Fareway gift cards. In total, 90 cards totaling $5,000 were funded and presented by MACC, Inc. to local organizations.

     This is part of a $200,000 donation to help small businesses by the Boone-based Fareway Stores grocery chain.

     “Local chambers have the pulse in each community and how best to serve its small business members during this time of need,” said Fareway President and CEO Reynolds W. Cramer. “We hope this relief reduces some of the stress our community business partners are facing.”

     “We’re so grateful that Fareway Stores partnered with the chamber of commerce organizations across Iowa,” said Jan Hoag, executive director of MACC, who applied for the grant from ICCE (Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executive Association). “This resource gives us an additional tool to support not only our members, but all local organizations and keep money flowing through our community. This is a substantial gift from Fareway to those in need – most of which are in unknown territory.”

     The gift cards were given to the ICCE to be distributed in the communities that Fareway serves.

     “Our members work diligently every day to strengthen communities throughout Iowa,” said ICCE Executive Director Lane Till. “Through this generous donation from Fareway, our members will have the ability to help support the small businesses that create the heart of each of their communities.”

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