Monti is second at Anamosa, fourth at CC-A

Jacob Miller competes for Monticello in the 3,200-meter run at the Anamosa meet April 27. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Grant Hospodarsky (right) hands off to Ian Temple for Monticello in the 4x200 relay at the Clear Creek-Amana meet April 29 in Tiffin.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     Anticipating showdowns with Class 3A schools when the state qualifying meet rolls around, the Monticello High School boys track and field team has not shied away from facing many of the strongest opponents in the area this season.

     The Panthers saw a lot of those in two meets last week, while finishing second in the Anamosa Co-Ed meet April 27, and fourth in the Pacha Relays April 29 at Clear Creek-Amana.

     At Anamosa, the Panthers broke school records in the varsity sprint medley relay with the team of Preston Ries, Caleb Sauser, Caden Ungs and Jasper Nietert, winning in 1:36.8 (the old record was 1:38.60); and in the junior varsity sprint medley, in 1:43.24 (old record was 1:44.69), with the team of Connor Sauser, Ian Temple, Elias Etzel and Ty Tallman.

     “It is always fun to break records,” Monticello coach Greg Williams said.

     The Panthers won two other relays at Anamosa, the 4x800 with the team of Harrison Ahlrichs, Ian Temple, Zach Chapman and Carter Kurt in 8:31.71; and the 4x400 with Jasper Nietert, Ungs, Kurt and Caleb Sauser in 3:33.61.

     Kurt won the 800 in 2:05.47, and Ungs won the high jump at 6-foot-0.

     “Carter Kurt continues to improve in the 800. Caleb Sauser and Preston Ries both had personal bests in the long jump. And, we ran a season best in the 4x400.”

     Anamosa won the team title with 130 points, and the Panthers were second with 120.

     On April 29, Monticello scored 83 points to finish fourth at Clear Creek-Amana. The host school won the meet with 156, Solon was second with 145.5, and Tipton placed third with 86.

     Kurt again won the 800, in 2:04.79; and Ungs jumped 6-2 to win the high jump.

     Coach Williams said there were other highlights.

     “Zach Yates had a season best in the shot put,” the coach said. “Caden Ungs has been unbeatable in the high jump. And our hurdle crew has continued to improve all year.”


April 27

Anamosa Co-Ed


     1, Anamosa 130; 2, Monticello 120; 3, Lisbon 116.5; 4, Mid-Prairie 79; 5, Mount Vernon 70; 6, DeWitt Central 60.5; 7, Independence 60; 8, Iowa City Liberty 52; 9, Easton Valley 36; 10, West Liberty 17.


     800: 1, Carter Kurt, 2:05.47; 6, Zach Chapman, 2:09.98.

     3,200: 5, Jacob Miller, 11:28.25; 6, Chesney Capron, 11:33.62.

     110 hurdles: 7, Ty Jesenovec, 17.13.

     4x100: 6, Monticello (Rylan Cooper, Levi Temple, Preston Ries, Connor Sauser), 47.08.

     4x200: 6 Monticello (Rylan Cooper, Ty Tallman, Elias Etzel, Connor Sauser), 1:38.51.

     4x400: , Monticello (Jasper Nietert, Caden Ungs, Carter Kurt, Caleb Sauser), 3:33.61.

     4x800: 1, Monticello (Harrison Ahlrichs, Ian Temple, Zach Chapman, Carter Kurt), 8:31.71.

     Sprint medley: 1, Monticello (Preston Ries, Caleb Sauser, Caden Ungs, Jasper Nietert), 1:36.81.

     Distance medley: 2, Monticello (Rylan Cooper, Caleb Sauser, Levi Temple, Jasper Nietert), 3:45.45.

     Shuttle hurdle: 2, Monticello (Elias Etzel, Eian Weber, Ty Jesenovec, Caden Ungs), 1:04.52.

     High jump: 1, Caden Ungs, 6-0.

     Long jump: 2, Caleb Sauser, 20-04.25; 3, Preston Ries, 20:01.50.

     Shot put: 1, Brayden Cleeton, 46-10.

     Discus: 2, Brayden Cleeton, 139-11; 5, Davin Wickman, 120-6.25.


April 29

Pacha Relays

(at Clear Creek-Amana


     1, Clear Creek-Amana 156; 2, Solon 145.5; 3, Tipton 86; 4, Monticello 83; 5, Mount Vernon 61.5; 6, Anamosa 54; 7, Williamsburg 51; 8, Davenport Assumption 47; 9, Durant 31; 10, Benton Community 18; 11 (tie) Iowa City Regina 4 and Clear Creek-Amana JV 4.


     High jump: 1, Caden Ungs, 6-2.

     Long jump: 5, Caleb Sauser, 19-10.25; 6, Preston Ries, 19-9.25.

     Shot put: 5, Brayden Cleeton, 44-0.

     Discus: 5, Brayden Cleeton, 129-7.5.

     Sprint medley: 5, Monticello (Preston Ries, Rylan Cooper, Ty Tallman, Levi Temple), 1:44.40.

     3,200: 5, Zach Chapman, 10:57.87.

     4x800: 5, Monticello (Harrison Ahlrichs, Ian Temple, Hayden Tomkins, Carter Kurt), 9:02.61.

     Shuttle hurdle: 5, Monticello (Ty Jesenovec, Elias Etzel, Eian Weber, Grant Hospodarsky), 1:07.85.

     Distance medley: 2, Monticello (Ty Tallman, Caden Ungs, Caleb Sauser, Jasper Nietert), 3:51.82.

     110 hurdles: 2, Caden Ungs, 15.48; 6, Ty Jesenovec, 17:39.

     800: 1, Carter Kurt, 2:04.79.

     400 hurdles: 3, Ty Jesenovec, 1:00.72.

     1,600: 7, Zach Chapman, 4:57.86.

     4x400: 6, Monticello (Caden Ungs, Caleb Sauser, Levi Temple, Jasper Nietert), 3:36.26.



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