Monticello School Board Recognition

Mandy Notron

     In honor of School Board Recognition Month, The Monticello Express will spotlight a different member of the Monticello Community School District Board of Education each week during the month of May.

     This week, get to know Board member Many Norton.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

     I was born and raised in Monticello. I was a graduate of the Class of 1999. I married my high school sweetheart, Billy, and together we have two kids: Riley (a sophomore), Addison (a fifth grader), and our dog Dozer.

     I work in town at Oak Street Logistics and volunteer at the Monticello Ambulance Service as an EMT.

How many years have you served on the board?


What is something you’ve learned since you’ve been on the board?

     There is so much more to the ins and outs of a school district. The district doesn’t have a pot full of money to spend as we see fit. (I seriously thought that before getting on the board.) Everyone has a budget and I knew that, but didn’t understand the actual day-to-day can’s and can’ts of a district.

     We, as a board, the hard work of Brian (Jaeger, MCSD superintendent), and the school’s accounting department have tried hard to stay within that budget and still get some fantastic things done for Monticello.

What is something that you are excited about for the future of the MCSD?

     I am super excited for the new middle school. My daughter is excited. Even Riley who doesn’t get to experience it is excited to see it happen. It is long overdue, and with the great things happening there, I really hope to see Carpenter and Shannon go out there in the near future.

What advice would you give to our graduating seniors?

     Gosh, where do you even start with a year like this?

     But seriously, even though you were robbed of some of your senior memories, you can create new, exciting, and original ones. I have seen some already.

     This situation will make you stronger and more determined to press on, make things the best they can be in the present situation, and know that tomorrow is always a new day no matter the challenges that lie ahead of today!

     I wish you all the best in your college or career endeavors! CONGRATS CLASS OF 2020!


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