MV officers show variety of present, future interests


     Officers in the Maquoketa Valley FFA Chapter have a wide variety of ag interests, activities, and plans for the future.

     Here’s a capsule look at the officers.


     Name: Tara Goedken.

     Office held: President.

     Parents/Guardians: Tim and Joan Goedken.

     Hometown: Hopkinton.

     Year in school: Senior.

     SAE Project: Working on my family dairy farm, where we milk 150 cows. Every morning and night I am responsible for milking cows and feeding the baby calves alongside my two sisters. I also assist with many other tasks on the farm, from helping with herd health to cleaning and bedding sheds.

     FFA Activities: Greenhand Test, Chapter Test, Dairy Judging, Livestock Judging, Poultry Judging, and Job Interview.

     Most memorable FFA activity or accomplishment: Going to nationals with my team for dairy judging after receiving first place at the State Contest and then receiving sixth place at the National Dairy Judging Contest out of 42 teams.

     Future Plans: I plan to attend an undecided college to major in agriculture business and finance.


     Name: Lane Domeyer.

     Office held: Vice President.

     Parents/Guardians: Dewey and Jeannie Domeyer. 

     Hometown: Delhi.

     Year in school: Junior.

     SAE Project: Mine is a dairy heifer entrepreneurship. I raise and show dairy heifers. I continue to work on improving the genetics of my cattle, and one day I hope to be able to show and sell heifers at a competitive level.

     FFA Activities: Individual Ag Sale and Ag Broadcasting. 

     Most memorable FFA activity or accomplishment: Serving as the Vice President would be my biggest accomplishment. As for my favorite memory it would be dairy judging along with a bunch of my friends at different events.

     Future Plans: I plan to go to a two-year college for an ag business degree. Afterward I plan to come home and raise fat cattle and dairy show heifers. 


     Name: Sarah Goedken

     Office held: Secretary.

     Parents/Guardians: Tim and Joan Goedken. 

     Hometown: Hopkinton.

     Year in school: Senior.

     SAE Project: Lango Dairy.

     FFA Activities: National and State Dairy Evaluation, Poultry Judging, Greenhand Test, Chapter Test, and Livestock Judging.

     Most memorable FFA activity or accomplishment: Competing at National FFA Convention, and traveling to the World Dairy Expo and meeting new people from across the U.S., as well as going to State Convention.

     Future Plans: To further my education at NICC in Calmar for dairy science technology as well as animal production. 


     Name: Krista Ries

     Office held: Treasurer.

     Parents/Guardians: Dan and the late Janel Ries.

     Hometown: Earlville.

     Year in school: Senior.

     SAE Project: Helping my dad around the farm and in the field.

     FFA Activities: Greenhand Test, Chapter Test, Poultry Judging.

     Most memorable FFA activity or accomplishment: Going to State Convention and meeting new people.

     Future Plans: Next year, I will be attending Hawkeye Community College to start working toward getting my dental hygienist degree.


     Name: Carter Kruse.

     Office held: Sentinel.

     Parents/Guardians: Tom and Sara Kruse. 

     Hometown: Petersburg.

     Year in school: Senior.

     SAE Project: Deutmeyer Farms.

     FFA Activities: Dairy Judging and Livestock Judging.

     Most memorable FFA activity or accomplishment: I was able to receive my Iowa Degree.

     Future Plans: My future plan is to go into the workforce and farm on the side.


     Name: Courtney Goedken.

     Office held: Reporter.

     Parents/Guardians: Tim and Joan Goedken.

     Hometown: Hopkinton.

     Year in school: Junior

     SAE Project: Working on my family’s dairy and crop farm. Every morning and night I am responsible for assisting in milking and feeding the calves and making sure everything is healthy. With my sisters we are also responsible for other miscellaneous tasks around the farm such as assisting the vet and raking the free stalls.

     FFA Activities: Creed speaking, Greenhand Test, Chapter Test, Team Ag Sales, Dairy Judging, Dairy Handling.

     Most memorable FFA activity or accomplishment: Being able to go to Nationals my sophomore year. It was fun being able to meet people from all over the U.S. I also really enjoyed going with other schools in the area and getting to know those students better as well. 

     Future Plans: I am interested in going into ag business and marketing, but I am unsure where I want to study.



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