My experience at the Express

Hannah's Haven
Hannah Gray
Express Intern

     As my time at the Express comes to a closing, I’d like to give a thank you to everyone who made this internship a wonderful experience.

     This job was a huge step out of my comfort zone, but as time went on, I started enjoying it and loving it more and more. Everyone I worked with was a big help in assuring I was comfortable with the jobs I was assigned to and never hesitated to lend a helping hand.

     The past two months have been a wild ride. From conducting interviews every week to spending an endless amount of time at the fair, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

     The best part about working at the Express was going to all the events around town and meeting so many people. Most of the time, it didn’t even feel like I was working.

     My favorite events had to be the 4-H shows at the fair. It was fun to be around so many people and to see all the young kids working really hard. Getting free food from the 4-H stands was also a plus!

     About halfway through the internship I felt like I was comfortable enough to expand the work I was doing. I asked the sports editor, Pete Temple, if I could help out with a few of his projects and he was grateful enough to allow me to.

     Pete had me go to games and write a few sports previews which was really fun for me because it was new and exciting to cover something I had not done before.

     Before I began the internship, I assumed a lot of people read the newspaper. After I had a few articles written, I came to the conclusion that almost everyone reads the newspaper.

     I constantly have people coming up to me and saying “You’re the intern with the paper,” or “I read your article this week.” It’s fun to see how much my words have an impact on people and that my hard work gets to be shown off.

     I am especially thankful for Kim Brooks, Express Editor, for not only giving up part of her office space for me but also for showing me all the ropes and obstacles a journalist has to face.

     Going into this job, I barely had any experience and Kim was very patient and helped me with everything. As an intern, I was excited to go to work because I knew I had someone to help me the whole way through.

     I’ve never been more positive about my career choice and this internship made me even more excited to start the journalism program at the University of Oregon!



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