Null offers a paintbrush for history and voice for voters

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     John Null is a man of solid, core values, as well as an artist who has captured Jones County landmarks on canvas such as the Mon Maq Dam, Stone Bridge and Eby’s Mill. John is not only painting the things he feels passionate about; he is running for Jones County Supervisor is order to preserve our history and promote frugal, fiscally responsible approach to Jones County government. He opposes the Supervisors’ decision to spend $2 million to remove the dam, lose our heritage, and affect wetlands and Riverside Gardens. Instead, John wants to promote principles of “smart spending.” John will listen and ultimately be our voice as he approaches leadership through diplomacy, respect and common sense. He will be an asset to Jones County Board of Supervisors with his honesty, integrity and problem-solving skills.

     Vote John Null for Supervisor in the Republican Primary on June 5.

Gary and Lucinda Brokens

Scotch Grove, Iowa



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