Panther girls outscore Bellevue

Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     To be successful in any sport, teams have to find ways to win on the road.

     The Monticello High School girls bowling team did just that in a Jan. 28 meet at Bellevue, outscoring the Comets 1791 to 1710.

     The Panther boys weren’t as fortunate, as Bellevue rolled well on its own lanes on the way to a 3056 to 2883 win.

     Monticello’s girls (2-4) were led by Karle Kramer, who shot a two-game total of 284, including a 149 game. Aubree Fairley and Nora Sperfslage each checked in with totals of 241, and Emma Hynick had 234.

     The Panther girls led by 40 pins after the individual round, then made the lead stick by outscoring Bellevue 595 to 554 in the five-game Baker round, averaging 119 per game.

     “I’m really proud of the girls,” Monticello coach Brian Meyer said. “The girls’ goal, not terribly long ago, was to make 100 every game in Baker. (At Bellevue) they had a 139 and a 124. They’re doing great in that regard.”

     The Panther boys (5-2) did outscore Bellevue 990 to 987 in the Baker Round, but trailed by 171 after the individual games. Logan Farmer had a 277 game as part of a 439 series, leading the team. Easton Lee had a 223 game and a 395 series. Caleb Gillmore totaled 393. Levi Temple had a 205 game as part of a 371 series.

     “The Bellevue team understands how to play the Bellevue house,” Meyer said. “You couldn’t get the ball started off your hand going away from the pocket, You could play pretty direct up the lane. That’s what most of their players did, and they were very successful at that.

     “Logan Farmer had a great first game, but they had a lot more 200 games than we did. It was a tough day, and we hate to lose. But hopefully we learned.” 


Jan. 28

(at Horizon Lanes,



     Bellevue 3056, Monticello 2883.

Individual Round Score

     Bellevue 2064, Monticello 1893.

Baker Round Score

(five games of team bowling)

     Monticello 990, Bellevue 987.

Monticello Results

     Logan Farmer 277-162–439, Easton Lee 177-223–395, Caleb Gillmore 178-215–393, Levi Temple 205-166–371, Jacob Farmer 151-144–295, Brendan Pasker 124-170–294.


     Monticello 1791, Bellevue 1710.

Individual Round Score

     Monticello 1196, Bellevue 1156.

Baker Round Score

(five games of team bowling)

     Monticello 595, Bellevue 554.

Monticello Results

     Karle Kramer 135-149–284, Aubree Fairley 118-123–241, Nora Sperfslage 148-93–241, Emma Hynick 124-110–234, Marisa Grant 107-89–196, Maddie Parmenter 87-82–169.

JV Boys’ Individual Scores

     Gary Pasker 168-162–330, Cole Nietert 144-129–273, Davin Wickman 103-124–227, Zach Reuter 108-113–221, Hayden Tomkins 116-97–213, Ian LaGrange 90-100–190.




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