Panther teams fall to West Delaware

Jordan Lorenzen delivers a practice roll for the Panthers. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Levi Temple follows through on a warmup roll for Monticello prior to the Jan. 17 home match against West Delaware.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     Facing one of the strongest Eastern Iowa bowling programs for the second time this season, the Monticello Panthers lost both the boys’ and girls’ matches Jan. 17 at Legacy Lanes.

     West Delaware won the boys’ match 2987 to 2629, and the girls’ match 2535 to 1870.

     “We got beat by two very good teams,” Monticello coach Brian Meyer said. “But we’re coming along. Hopefully we learn by watching them.”

     While the defending state Class 1A boys’ champs won the individual, Baker and overall totals, the Panthers did have their high points.

     Sophomore Levi Temple rolled a 404 two-game series, with a 205 and a 199, giving him the second-best overall series of the meet. Noah Arduser had a 193 game, Caleb Gillmore had two game at 180 or above, while David Titman and Gary Pasker each rolled a 180.

     The Panthers held their own in the Baker round, winning two of the five games and losing a third one by just five pins. West Delaware won the other two by wide margins, however, to win the Baker round overall by 146 pins.

     Jordan Lorenzen led the Panther girls with a 323 series, including a 152 and a 171. Leah Holub had the best single game for the team, a 174. Grace Heinrich rolled a 131 in her first game.

     The Hawks proved too strong on the girls’ side, however, thanks largely to Lorna Niedert, who bowled a 255 game and 444 series. The 255 was the best game of the entire match, boys or girls.

     “Here’s what I like about our team: we don’t quit,” Meyer said. “We keep grinding.”


Nov. 20

(at Legacy Lanes)



     West Delaware 2987, Monticello 2629.

Individual round total

     West Delaware 1969, Monticello 1757.

Baker round total

     West Delaware 1018, Monticello 872.



     Levi Temple 205-199–404, Caleb Gillmore 185-180–365, David Titman 163-180–343, Noah Arduser 193-143–336, Gary Pasker 129-180–309, Eli Beitz 152-154–306. Top series: Eli Heims, West Delaware, 189-225–414.


     Alex Fagan 148-231–379, Jacob Farmer 188-140–328, Jaydon Ray 141-183–324, Logan Farmer 158-145–303, Philip King 175-124–299, Adam Schmitt 72-118–190, Will Dotterweich 97-90–187, Jackson DeMean 83-102–185; Tyrese Gudenkauf 90-78–168, Autry Fasnacht 155, Luke Weber 126, Carter Cruise 114.



     West Delaware 2535, Monticello 1870.

Individual round total

     West Delaware 1720, Monticello 1265.

Baker round total

     West Delaware 815, Monticello 605.



     Jordan Lorenzen 152-171–323, Leah Holub 126-174–300, Grace Heinrich 131-93–224, Megan Mahoney 101-109–210, Aubree Fairley 116-92–208, Maci Welter 86-114– 200. Top series: Lorna Niedert, West Delaware, 189-255–444.



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