Panthers fall to Durant, compete in unique Baker tourney

Leah Holub follows through on a warmup roll for the Panthers’ home match against Durant Dec. 14. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Noah Arduser reacts after throwing a strike against Durant Friday.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     For the second time in 11 days, the Monticello High School bowling team faced a formidable foe in Durant.

     Even though it took place at Monticello’s Legacy Lanes this time, on Dec. 14, the Panthers lost both matches. Durant won the boys’ match 3007 to 2721, and the girls’ contest by a score of 2063 to 1933.

     “They’re a very good team,” Monticello coach Brian Meyer said. “Going in, I thought we’d have home field advantage.”

     Durant’s boys benefitted from an early 256 game from Jeremy Carnes, and went on to win the individual round by 195 pins. Monticello was led by David Titman, who had a two-game series of 389, including a 200 game. Noah Arduser had a 201 as part of a 376 total.

     “Our kids are developing,” Meyer said. “If you get beat by a better team, you take that. Our time will come.”

     The coach said he was encouraged by the play of Easton Lee and Arduser.

     “Easton is super competitive, and performing well,” Meyer said. “Noah’s got rock-solid form.”

     The Panther girls lost to Durant by 130 point, but by only 32 in the Baker (team) format.

     “I think the girls’ Baker (game) is coming along,” Meyer said. “They feed off each other pretty well. I’m encouraged by that.”

     Evee Krouse led the team with a 296 series, including a 158 game.

     “Evee had another good week. She’s been really solid,” Meyer said.

     Leah Holub had a 274 two-game total. Keeley Anderson, a senior who was bowling in her final match because she is graduating early, had a 159 game.

     “There’s a lot of development going on,” Meyer said. “They want to learn, and they have good attitudes.”

C.R. Baker Tourney

     The Panther boys had the opportunity to compete in an 18-team Baker style tournament Saturday, Dec. 15 at Lancer Lanes in Cedar Rapids, hosted by Cedar Rapids Prairie. Monticello finished 11th out of the 18 teams competing.

     In Baker bowling, teams select five bowlers, and each bowls two frames per game, resulting in a team score. But unlike regular matches, in which pins are totaled for a combined Baker score, this tournament used head-to-head wins and losses.

     Monticello competed in 14 Baker games during the preliminary round, going 7-7 to finish with 14 points. Monticello’s bowlers included Caleb Gillmore, David Titman, Easton Lee, Levi Temple, Jacob Farmer and Gary Pasker.

     The top eight teams advanced to the bracket round, which was eventually won by Prairie.


Dec. 14

(at Legacy Lanes)



     Durant 3007, Monticello 2721.

Individual round total

     Durant 2003, Monticello 1808.

Baker round total

     Durant 1004, Monticello 913.



     David Titman 200-189–389, Noah Arduser 201-175–376, Caleb Gillmore 168-192–360, Easton Lee 169-173–342, Levi Temple 154-187–341, Gary Pasker 133-157–290.



     Durant 2063, Monticello 1933.

Individual round total

     Durant 1409, Monticello 1311.

Baker round total

     Durant 654, Monticello 622.



     Evee Krouse 158-138–296, Leah Holub 148-126–274, Jordan Lorenzen 136-132–268, Keeley Anderson 95-159–254, Grace Heinrich 128-91–219, Hope Vorbeck 99-86–185.


     Boys: Eli Beitz 148-222–370, Jacob Farmer 181–168 – 349, Alex Fagan 168-148–316, Autry Fasnacht 176-138–314, Philip King 166-148–314, Logan Farmer 140-123–263, Jayden Ray 113-123–244, Luke Weber 139-102–241, Will Dotterweich 108-109–217, Adam Schmitt 93-110–203, Jackson DeMean 97-93–190, Carter Cruise 86-81–167, Tyrese Gudenkauf 79-61–140.

     Girls: Megan Mahoney 127-128–255, Maci Welter 109-99–208, Aubree Fairley 94-107–201, Delaney Peitz 83-73–156.


Dec. 15

C.R. Prairie

Baker Tournament


(Two points for win, one point for tie, ties broken by total pins)

     1, Waterloo West 26; 2, DeWitt Central 22; 3, Cedar Rapids Prairie 21; 4, North Scott 20; 5, Durant 18; 6, West Delaware 18; 7, Vinton-Shellsburg 18; 8, Marion 2484; 9, Cedar Rapids Kennedy 14; 10, Louisa-Muscatine 14; 11, Monticello 14; 12, Cedar Rapids Xavier 10; 13, Independence 10; 14, Linn-Mar 10; 15, Iowa City High 8; 16, Iowa City West 7; 17, Cedar Rapids Jefferson 4; 18, Cedar Rapids Washington 2.



     Cedar Rapids Prairie 2, Waterloo West 0.


     148, 167, 166, 205, 159, 185, 158, 120, 182, 211, 145, 183, 159, 200 – 2388 (170.6 average).



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