Panthers' Gillmore fires 300 game

Caleb Gillmore of Monticello reacts and is congratulated after his 300 game during the Panther triangular meet Dec. 10 at Legacy Lanes. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Louise Rydell follows through during warmups at the Dec. 10 home triangular meet.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     Caleb Gillmore wasn’t very confident about completing a 300 game when he released his 12th ball.

     “I threw a terrible shot,” Gillmore said. “It went so far left compared to what it was supposed to.”

     In spite of that, the pins fell, and Gillmore had the first 300 game in Monticello High School bowling history. The six pin was the last one to fall, indicating a shot for a right-hander that went too far left, but it was enough.

     “I just kind of went crazy after that,” the MHS junior said.

     It was the highlight of a two-meet week for the Panthers, who faced a total of four opponents. The Monti boys won three out of four to come out with a 6-1 season record, while the girls won one of four to carry a record of 3-4 on the season.

     Gillmore’s perfect game was part of a Tuesday, Dec. 10 match at Legacy Lanes in which the Panther boys defeated two opponents.

     Team scores were Monticello 3187, Durant 3012, Cascade 2500.

     Led by Gillmore, as well as Easton Lee with a 489 series and Levi Temple with a 466, the Panthers won the individual round by 175 pins over Durant. They went on to win the Baker (team) round as well, with 1003 to Durant’s 985, to secure the victory.

     The girls were a narrow second to Cascade in the individual, Baker and overall totals, ultimately losing by just 20 pins, but defeating Durant by 102.

     Louise Rydell led the Panthers with a 267 series, including a team-high game of 140; Evee Krouse totaled 260, and Leah Holub had 246.

     The clear highlight was Gillmore’s 300, however.

     “It was his day,” Monticello coach Brian Meyer said. “Caleb had a great look, and he seemed relaxed.”

     Gillmore said things changed dramatically from a practice session Monday to the match Tuesday.

     “To be honest, (Monday) was probably the worst day of practice I’ve ever had,” Gillmore said. “(Tuesday) I focused on the fundamentals, and everything just felt good.

     “We get four warm-up balls, and I shot four strikes. That was just a confidence booster. I really wasn’t nervous. The team kept me loose, I was just laughing. I just kind of stepped up there and took it frame by frame.”

     Monticello also had a match Thursday, Dec. 12 at Legacy Lanes. The boys went 1-1, suffering their first loss of the season when Maquoketa rallied in the final Baker game, turning a 17-pin deficit into a 70-pin victory.

     Meyer said Maquoketa adjusted better than the Panthers did when lane conditions changed over the course of the match.

     “The lanes changed, and they knew what to do about it, and we didn’t,” Meyer said. “That comes back to me. I wasn’t able to get that message across to our players (about) what was happening.”

     Maquoketa finished with 2966, Monticello had 2896, and Bellevue was third with 2539.

     For the girls, Maquoketa had 2493, Bellevue was second with 1989, and Monticello totaled 1781.

     “I think our girls are doing great,” Meyer said of the team, which now carries a record of 3-4 after going winless a year ago.

     “They’re good-hearted girls, and they’re trying to get better. They’re working hard.

     “I think we have a consistent group. Their Baker scores are as good as their individuals, and that’s impressive to me.”

     The Panther girls were led on Thursday by Kristen Roher, who shot a 252 series; and Louise Rydell and Leah Holub, each of whom totaled 242. The high individual game was posted by Caroline Olson, a 141.

     Monticello was third both in individual scoring and in the Baker round.

     For the boys, Logan Farmer had a 430 total that included a 222 game. Easton Lee shot 407, including a team-high game of 231; and Gary Pasker had 398 including a 210 game.

     The Panthers led Maquoketa by 43 pins heading into the Baker round.

Baker tournament

     Monticello’s boys will compete in a Baker-only tournament Saturday, Dec. 21 at Lancer Lanes in Cedar Rapids, hosted by Cedar Rapids Prairie. Bowling begins at 1 p.m. Sixteen teams are expected to compete.


Dec. 10

(at Legacy Lanes)


     Monticello 3187, Durant 3012, Cascade 2500.


     Monticello 2184, Durant 2027, Cascade 1676.


(five games of team bowling)

     Monticello 1003, Durant 985, Cascade 824.


     Caleb Gillmore 300-200–500, Easton Lee 267-222–489, Levi Temple 199-267–466, Logan Farmer 224-177–401, Jacob Farmer 184-144–328, Gary Pasker 153-133–286.


     Cascade 1904, Monticello 1884, Durant 1782.


     Cascade 1263, Monticello 1246, Durant 1174.


(five games of team bowling)

     Cascade 641, Monticello 638, Durant 608.


     Louise Rydell 127-140–267, Evee Krouse 133-127–260, Leah Holub 129-117–246, Kristen Roher123-117–240, Aubree Fairley 104-129–233, Caroline Olson 130-99–229.


Dec. 12

(at Legacy Lanes)


     Maquoketa 2966, Monticello 2896, Bellevue 2539.


     Monticello 1971, Maquoketa 1928, Bellevue 1633.


(five games of team bowling)

     Maquoketa 1038, Monticello 925, Bellevue 906.


     Logan Farmer 208-222–430, Easton Lee 231-176–407, Gary Pasker 188-210–398, Caleb Gillmore 215-172–387, Levi Temple 164-185–349, Jacob Farmer 142-156–298.


     Maquoketa 2493, Bellevue 1989, Monticello 1781.


     Maquoketa 1717, Bellevue 1442, Monticello 1197.


(five games of team bowling)

     Maquoketa 776, Monticello 584, Bellevue 547.


     Kristen Roher 124-128–252, Louise Rydell 128-114–242, Leah Holub 116-126 – 242, Aubree Fairley 115-116–231, Evee Krouse 100-130–230, Caroline Olson 141-80–221.



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