Panthers head into break after split with Marion

Panther bowler Aubree Fairley (left) receives guidance from coach Brian Meyer during the Marion match.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     Monticello High School’s bowling teams headed into the holiday break with a home match against Marion, and split the results.

     The Panther boys (3-1) won 3091 to 2476.

     The boys took control during the individual round, during which four Panthers averaged better than 200 for their pairs of games. Caleb Gillmore led the way with a 464 two-game series, Levi Temple had 451 including a 252 game, Easton Lee totaled 409, and Gary Pasker shot 403.

     “I set a score for them to hit, and they underperformed that a little bit,” Monticello coach Brian Meyer said. “We still bowled well. The Baker (round) was good, and we had some big fills (spares).”

     That gave Monticello a 448-pin lead after the individual round, which increased when the team averaged nearly 204 during the Baker round.

     The Panther girls (1-3) fell by a final score of 2196 to 1925. Monticello lost in both the individual and Baker rounds, but had three girls score more than 280 for their two-game series: Emma Hynick with 298, including a 165 game; Aubree Fairley with 291, and Nora Sperfslage with 284.

     Despite the loss, coach Meyer said he was pleased with the performance.

     “We’re all pretty close in skills,” Meyer said of the girls’ team. “We’ve got good athletes, and that’s why we’re as competitive as we are. Marion had some pretty developed players.”


Dec. 8

(at Legacy Lanes,



     Monticello 3091, Marion 2476.

Individual Round Score

     Monticello 2072, Marion 1624.

Baker Round Score

(five games of team bowling)

     Monticello 1019, Marion 852.

Monticello Results

     Caleb Gillmore 245-219–464, Levi Temple 252-199–451, Easton Lee 174-235–409, Gary Pasker 182-221–403, Logan Farmer 159-186–345, Jacob Farmer 184-121–305.


     Marion 2196, Monticello 1925.

Individual Round Score

     Marion 1504, Monticello 1342.

Baker Round Score

(five games of team bowling)

     Marion 692, Monticello 583.

Monticello Results

     Emma Hynick 165-133–298, Aubree Fairley 153-138–291, Nora Sperfslage 163-121–284, Karle Kramer 114-132–246, Emma Schwendinger 123-100–223, Adele Hogan 105-91–196.




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