Panthers sweep Cascade in school's first-ever match

David Titman takes aim during the first-ever Monticello High School bowling match, Nov. 28 at Legacy Lanes. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Cassie Gillmore follows through during the Panthers’ opening bowling match against Cascade Nov. 28 at Legacy Lanes.

Robert Pejchl of the Panthers (left) is congratulated by teammate Kegan Arduser after a strike by Pejchl.

Keeley Anderson of the Panthers releases the ball.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     The first-ever Monticello High School bowling match could not have worked out much better for the Panthers.

     Monticello’s boys and girls, varsity and JV, swept Cascade in the history-making match, held Tuesday, Nov. 28 at Legacy Lanes.

     “I am very proud of our bowling teams for their effort,” Monticello coach Brian Meyer said. “The kids remained calm despite a relatively large crowd.”

     Monticello won the boys’ varsity match by a score of 2511 to 2293, and the girls’ varsity match, 1762 to 1644.

     The JV teams also defeated the Cougars, 1913 to 1562 for the boys, and 1517 to 956 for the girls.

     The teams followed the Iowa high school format for bowling. Six members bowled two individual games each, per team, in the individual portion of the event.

     Then, the teams competed the Baker format, which has five bowlers per team, bowling two frames apiece per game. There are five Baker games in a match.

     For the Monticello boys, the key was in the individual round. Three different Panthers rolled 200 games – Kegan Arduser with a 221, Hayo Eiben with a 211, and David Titman with a 207 – as Monticello outscored Cascade by 221 over those two games, 1760 to 1539.

     Arduser had a 415 two-game series, followed by Titman with 376, Eiben with 344, Levi Temple with 320, Robert Pejchl with 305 and Caleb Gillmore with 272.

     Cascade and Monticello went 2-2-1 in the five Baker games, and Cascade had an overall edge of three pins, but that only put a dent in the Panthers’ big lead.

     The varsity girls’ match was closer. Monticello won the individual round by 51 pins, and Cascade trimmed the overall score to 44 pins with just two Baker games to go.

     The Panthers responded, winning the fourth Baker game 123 to 111 to lead the overall match 1629 to 1573, then scored a 133 to 71 win in the last game to put the match away.

     Natalie Newhard had a 293 two-game series, including a team-high 172 in her second game. Cassie Gillmore finished with 253, Jordan Lorenzen totaled 223, Leah Holub had 217, Keeley Anderson scored 185, and Shana Timm had 159.

     “We had great leadership from the upperclassmen on both the boys’ and girls’ teams,” Meyer said. “They communicated very well and put the team first, which impressed me. And I was pleasantly surprised by several of our underclassmen.”

     The top JV scores for Monticello in the individual round were Autry Fasnacht with 345 and Jacob Farmer with 267 for the boys; Rachel Larabee with 227 and Evee Krouse with 218 for the girls.


Nov. 28

(at Legacy Lanes,



     Monticello 2511, Cascade 2293.

Individual round total (two games)

     Monticello 1760, Cascade 1539.

Monticello results

     Kegan Arduser 221-194–415, David Titman 169-207–376, Hayo Eiben 133-211–344, Levi Temple 173-147–320, Robert Pejchl 159-146–305, Caleb Gillmore 119-153–272.

Baker round total* (five games)

     Cascade 754, Monticello 751.

Baker games

     Cascade 141, Monticello 141.

     Monticello 173, Cascade 138.

     Cascade 160, Monticello 129.

     Monticello 146, Cascade 142.

     Cascade 173, Monticello 162.



     Monticello 1762, Cascade 1644.

Individual round total (two games)

     Monticello 1171, Cascade 1120.

Monticello results

     Natalie Newhard 121-172–293, Cassie Gillmore 141-112–253, Jordan Lorenzen 133-90–223, Leah Holub 93-124–217, Keeley Anderson 85-100–185, Shana Timm 97-62–159.

Baker round total* (five games)

     Monticello 591, Cascade 524.

Baker games

     Monticello 122, Cascade 94.

     Cascade 108, Monticello 94.

     Cascade 140, Monticello 119.

     Monticello 123, Cascade 111.

     Monticello 133, Cascade 71.



     Monticello 1913, Cascade 1562.

Individual round total (two games)

     Monticello 1312, Cascade 1044.

Monticello results

     Autry Fasnacht 149-196 – 345, Jacob Farmer 112-155–267, Eli Beitz 132-109–241, Noah Arduser 112-118–230, Alex Fagan 133-96–229, Gary Pasker 96-80–176.

Baker round total* (five games)

     Monticello 601, Cascade 518.

Baker games

     Cascade 141, Monticello 135.

     Monticello 113, Cascade 78.

     Monticello 144, Cascade 132

     Monticello 118, Cascade 93.

     Monticello 91, Cascade 74.



     Monticello 1517, Cascade 956.

Individual round total (two games)

     Monticello 1056, Cascade 619.

Monticello results

     Rachel Larabee 113-114–227, Evee Krouse 118-100–218, Grace Heinrich 90-123–213, Yutana Hughes 95-118–213, Aubree Fairley 94-91–185, Hope Vorbeck 75-84–159.

Baker round total* (five games)

     Monticelo 461, Cascade 337.

Baker games

     Monticello 86, Cascade 72.

     Monticello 78, Cascade 60.

     Monticello 91, Cascade 46.

     Monticello 103, Cascade 84.

     Monticello 103, Cascade 75.


* – In the Baker round, teams select five bowlers, and each bowls two frames per game.             



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