Parks and Rec moves forward with inclusive playground

Monticello Parks and Rec received a Paint Iowa Beautiful grant to repaint the picnic tables under the shelter at the Aquatic Center. (Photo by Kim Brooks)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Earlier this year, Monticello Parks and Rec announced plans to raise funds for a new inclusive playground. The proposed site is near the Aquatic Center.

     The project is estimated at cost around $100,000.

     The idea behind an inclusive playground is to “provide a safe place where children of all abilities can play together, and are developmentally appropriate for children with and without disabilities,” explained Parks and Rec Director Jacob Oswald in April when the project was announced.

     The Monticello Park Board gave the go-ahead to start pursuing grants and fundraising opportunities for this project.

     “We’re going to continue to move forward,” said Oswald.

     While fundraising was on hold due to COVID-19, Parks and Rec is eager to get started and offer a unique attraction for Monticello and surrounding communities.

     “We’re no longer hesitant to wait,” continued Oswald. “We don’t want to miss any grant opportunities that might be out here.”

     The inclusive playground would include a swing set, a Ten Spin, a climbing wall, sensory panels, musical features, and more.

     Parks and Rec is taking donations for the project. Donations can be sent to: Monticello Parks and Rec, 766 N. Maple St., Monticello, IA 52310.

     In addition, Parks and Rec also received a Keep Iowa Beautiful/Diamond Vogel Paint Iowa Beautiful grant. They were awarded 5 gallons of paint to refurbish the picnic tables in the shelter by the Aquatic Center.

     In addition, Parks and Rec was able to receive a discount on paint supplies.


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