Parks & Rec intern position on hold

City Council
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     After a lot of discussion concerning the hiring of a Parks and Rec spring and summer intern for 2021, the Monticello City Council decided to table any action.

     The item came up during the Nov. 16 council meeting.

     The council’s decision to table the item was due to lack of information from MYBSA. In the past, the organization hired an intern to oversee tournaments, but it is unclear at this time what MYBSA plans to do for the upcoming season, or even in youth sports can take place due to the pandemic.

     City Administrator Doug Herman commented that when MYBSA was created, one of their goals was to turn over management of the ball tournaments to Parks and Rec at some point.

     “Parks and Rec has staff in place to deal with phone calls, e-mails, etc. during regular business hours over the winter during the key organizational time,” noted Herman. “MYBSA would continue to exist as the fundraising wing/booster club for youth baseball/softball, generating money from concessions, fence banners, and sponsorships, etc.”

     Council member Scott Brighton said he’s been in contact with MYBSA board member Josh Brenneman on their upcoming meeting, and plans to attend to bring the information back to the council.

     In terms of a Parks and Rec intern, Parks and Rec Director Jacob Oswald said his department has tossed the idea around for at least the last couple of years. The intern would be responsible for creating and implementing new programs, as well as help with the day-to-day tasks such as field maintenance. Oswald added they would also like to explore programming outside of athletics.

     Oswald said the idea came up to share an intern with MYBSA.

     Mayor Brian Wolken asked if the city shared an intern with the organization, would the city’s funding go away.

     Council member Chris Lux said MYBSA has changed so much in the last few years. She informed the council that the school’s booster club now operates the concession stands, not MYBSA.

     Until more information is known, Council member Dave Goedken felt it was premature to give Parks and Rec the go-ahead to hire an intern at this point in time.

     Herman said MYBSA starts planning its tournaments in late-December/early-January. In this case, someone would need to be hired relatively soon.

     Oswald said Parks and Rec’s interns in the past were there on a volunteer basis.

     Wolken thought that hiring an intern would help stabilize long-term programming for Parks and Rec.


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