Pizza Ranch welcomes new owners

The Monticello Ambassadors welcomed Nick and Katie Danover, new owners of the Pizza Ranch, March 7. On hand for the event, first row from left: Ambassador Jan Hoag, Katie and Nick Danover, and Ambassador Gerald Retzlaff. Second row: Ambassadors Chris Brokaw, Melissa Ehrisman, Craig Thompson, Audrey Savage, Sue Ballou, Suzan Ehlers, Annette Smith and Pat Recker. (Photo by Pete Temple)

     On March 1, Katie and Nicholas Danover purchased the Monticello Pizza Ranch from long-time owners Brad and Shirley Davis. The Danovers have been managing the store since October of 2017 and have made the transition to owner-operators effective March 1, 2018.

     Nicholas has been in the food industry for a number of years, gaining the majority of his experience through Fareway’s Meat Department Management Program. After moving several times for work, he and his wife Katie decided it was time to plant roots before starting their own family. Nicholas finds joy in getting to know his Monticello customers and brings a new sense of warmth to the Monticello location.

     Katie has a background in sales and marketing, having worked with companies such as VGM Forbin before opening her own marketing firm, Evergreen Marketing. Katie hopes Pizza Ranch’s ongoing marketing efforts can find new ways to serve the Monticello community, and continue to grow the operation’s philanthropic foundation.

     When asked about their transition into the restaurant and Monticello community, the couple had this to say: “Everyone has been nothing but hospitable. From day one, we’ve been welcomed not only by our daily customers, but the countless vendors in town whom Brad and Shirley had worked with in the past. We appreciate every smile given, and we hope to be able to give an abundance back,” said Nicholas.

     “The crew and vendors we’ve worked with have been phenomenal. Everyone seems eager and willing to help, and we couldn’t be more thankful. We’ve loved learning about the Monticello community, and are looking to get more involved in area organizations. This town is alive and well, and we’re so blessed to be a part of it,” added Katie.


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