Reyner has high hopes for Parks and Rec

Casey Reyner
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     There will be another new face in Monticello’s Parks and Recreation Department.

     Casey Reyner will take the reins as the department’s newly created superintendent position before the end of February.

     Like Jacob Oswald, the new Parks and Rec director, Reyner was born and raised in Monticello.

     “I’m excited to expand the opportunities available to people of all ages in town,” spoke Reyner of the new job.

     In this position, the Parks and Rec superintendent’s main role, according to City Administrator Doug Herman, would mainly involved maintenance and upkeep of city parks and facilities. Those would include: the city park (fairgrounds), the downtown Pocket Park, the Aquatic Center (swimming pool) and adjacent Foundation Park, Jacobs Park (which was heavily renovated by the Monticello Jaycees several years ago), Willow Park and the Baty Disc Golf Course, and the Monticello Berndes Center.

     However, Herman said there is more to the job than just that.

     “In addition, Casey will have supervision/oversight responsibilities at the Aquatic Center; will be responsible for marking and chalking the fields; field maintenance where appropriate; the management of necessary equipment for the various department activities; the management of the Berndes Center, parks, and shelter rentals; and provide regular assistance with the administration of Parks and Recreation activities.”

     Reyner has an Associate of Arts degree in photography from the Art Institute in Chicago and a bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of Iowa.

     After living in the Iowa City/Cedar Falls area for seven years, Reyner said he decided to move back to his home town when his dad, Darrell, purchased and started running Scooters Bar and Grill in Anamosa.

     “I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors and staying active,” he said.

     While attending Monticello High School, Reyner was involved in football, wrestling and track. Now, he is an assistant high school wrestling coach and a middle school football coach.

     In his spare time, Reyner enjoys hiking and climbing. He said it wasn’t until he moved to the Cedar Falls area that he realized Jones County has some of the best places for rock climbing.

     “People even come here from Chicago to go rock climbing,” he said.

     Reyner has also lent his hand to the civic side of things in town, being a part of the Monticello Heart & Soul organization. Through the Heart & Soul idea-generating process, Reyner said many people want to see biking and hiking trails brought to town.

     Reyner said he wants to see the Parks and Rec Department become more inclusive.

     “I want to look into expanding the idea of what recreation is,” he said. “It’s not just sports.”

     Reyner said he’d like to see programming for adults, senior citizens, children and families alike, as a whole.

     “We need to identify and expand on programming that people want, as many opportunities as we can.” Reyner said he would like to see Parks and Rec attractive to people in the community, as well as to those moving here.


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