School board members reminisce…

Mandy Norton

Mandy Norton

     In honor of School Board Recognition Month, the Monticello Express will spotlight a different member of the Monticello Community School District Board of Education each week in May.

   This week, get to know Board member Mandy Norton…

What was your favorite subject in school?


What did you like about school as a kid?

   Does any kid “like” school? Honestly, the only thing that sticks in my mind of “likes” was the Mysteries of Monticello in Mrs. Bowman’s class. I still look at those locations in town and remember the history about them.

   Mostly, I enjoyed the time I could be social with my friends. Going to the sporting events and being in the student section.

What were you involved in throughout middle school and high school?

   Middle school: Basketball, volleyball, and band.

   High school: Band and marching band, and Junior/Senior Powder Puff.

Advice to students today about the importance of education?

   Education is important in every aspect of your life, during and after K-12. Yes, it’s true, some of it you will never use again, but what you learn while in high school is so much easier than learning it in college or as an adult.

   Read. If you don’t like reading books, pick up something that interests you. A magazine, newspaper, a comic book, and how-to guide, anything; just keep reading.

   Set goals, push yourself to be a little better when you think you are, and work toward it. You may think something is impossible to achieve but we, ourselves, are our worst critics. Even if you fall short of those goals, the satisfaction of your effort feels just as great.

   Take a class that you just aren’t sure about. Get out of your comfort zone and try it. It may be a total flop, but it may end up being the best thing you did and shape your future path.

   If your long-term goal is a college degree, take advantage of Kirkwood while in high school; your parents will thank you!

   Lastly, never ever stop learning, no matter your age. I went back to school at 37!


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