School board members reminisce…

John Schlarmann

John Schlarmann

     In honor of School Board Recognition Month, the Monticello Express will spotlight a different member of the Monticello Community School District Board of Education each week in May.

   This week, get to know Board member John Schlarmann…

What was your favorite subject in school?

   History and math classes were my favorite subjects.

What did you like about school as a kid?

   I enjoyed art class, field trips, and of course recess.

What were you involved in throughout middle school and high school?

   I was involved in football, basketball, baseball, and FFA.

Advice to students today about the importance of education?

   Try not to take your education for granted. Throughout your middle school and high school years, you will learn a lot of life skills that you will find valuable down the road. Enjoy school and the extra-curricular activities you’re involved in. The collaboration and teamwork help make memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t blink; it will be graduation day before you know it!


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