Support Monticello and ‘Shop Small Saturday’

Express Editorial

     Saturday, Nov. 25 is Shop Small Saturday. This is a day dedicated to supporting your small hometown businesses after hitting up the big box stores on Black Friday.

     Monticello is incredibly lucky to have such a variety of small-town businesses, from clothing stores for men, women and children of all ages; jewelry; gift items; sporting goods; active wear; home décor; furniture; and more. And while you’re out shopping around Monticello, you can stop and eat at one of the many restaurants in town. It’s all here at your convenience!

     According to the Shop Small Saturday website, the State of Iowa has over 266,000 small businesses. This amounts to 99.3 percent of businesses in the state. That’s a huge percentage of our state’s economy, which is why it’s so important to support hometown businesses.

     Many of these business owners’ livelihoods depend of customers and shoppers patronizing their businesses on a daily or weekly basis. Think of how many times you go to the grocery store. It’s just as important to support other businesses as well.

     “From local restaurants to the paint store down the street, small businesses have created major impacts across all communities,” shared Shop Small Saturday. This is very true. Many of the local businesses we have here in Monticello are huge supporters of the community as a whole. So it’s important to give that same support back by shopping local.

     “Small businesses help ensure local economies stay strong and vibrant.” Again, very true.

     Without the existence of local businesses, communities like Monticello would not be able to offer the services that it does, all driven by property and sales tax. The Aquatic Center, and Monticello Public Library, Parks and Rec… All great services for the residents of Monticello.

     So while Black Friday will forever be a huge shopping “holiday” nationwide, let’s not forget about our neighbors who own stores and businesses in our towns. Be sure to spread the word and encourage your family and friends to come to Monticello on Saturday, Nov. 25 and Shop Small! (K.N.B.)


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