SWCD completes soil and water conservation plan

   The Jones Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) has officially completed its five-Year Soil and Water Resource Conservation Plan (SWRCP).

     The Jones SWCD plan is one of 100 being developed throughout the State of Iowa, and is one of 50 that has been completed. Through the integration and implementation of state-wide conservation goals promoted within the SWRCPs, the main hope is to reduce the impact that the State of Iowa has on both its downstream neighbors and the Gulf of Mexico, in addition to helping to meet the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy goals.

     The planning process for Jones’ SWRCP began in July 2021 and ended in February 2022. Over the course of the eight-month period, two public meetings were held with Jones County stakeholders to assist SWCD commissioners and staff in the plan’s development. Meetings focused on determining conservation concerns within the district, as well as ways to overcome those concerns. Goal-development meetings were held throughout the winter and culminated in the creation of five priority goals.

     The five areas of focus for the Jones SWCD goals center on the following: improving current outreach and engagement efforts, further developing partnerships with Watershed Management Authorities, improving educational efforts on conservation in the county, demonstrating the economic benefits of implementing conservation practices, and ensuring that conservation practices are continuously being promoted and implemented. Already, commissioners and staff have begun working towards achieving goals outlined in their plan. 

     The Jones SWCD commissioners and staff would like to thank all contributors who helped develop their plan. If you would like to play a role in the implementation of the goals within the plan or become a financial supporter of the Jones SWCD, please reach out to Sonya Ellison, conservation assistant, at 319-462-3196, ext. 3, or at sonya.ellison@ia.nacdnet.net



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