Years Gone By

5 years ago:

     • Gates were closed on the newly reconstructed Lake Delhi dam on Friday and the lake has been filling up. It is expected to be completely filled in approximately 3 weeks, in time for a re-opening celebration planned for July 23.  (7/6/2016)

     • The Animal Welfare Foundation shelter is taking shape north of Monticello. The shelter is expected to house 15 dogs and 40 cats and is expected to be complete in a few months. Since the AWF was founded in 2003, they’ve been able to save and rescue 1,071 dogs and 439 cats throughout Jones County.  (7/6/2016)

10 years ago:

     • With four wins in relatively close games, the Monticello High School softball team wrapped up the Tri-Rivers conference championship last week. It is the first overall Tri-Rivers championship since 2006.  (7/6/2011)

15 years ago:

     • Riverside Gardens newest flowerpot has actually had quite a history in this town. It’s been around for more than a century, and helped keep horses hydrated in the original use as a water trough at the intersection of First and Cedar streets. With the advent of automobiles, the trough was removed. It eventually ended up on property owned by David Boysen where he discovered it while digging in his backyard.  (7/5/2006)

25 years ago:

     • Freese Motors will celebrate its 50th anniversary this Friday with a reception at Walnut Acres. The business was founded in 1946 by brothers Alva and Louis Freese. Today it is owned by Louis and his son Brad, who joined the company in 1983.  (7/3/1996)

50 years ago:

     • Some of the entertainers to appear at the 119th Great Jones County Fair, Aug. 10-14, are being announced today by Larry Robertson, manager. The North Door, George Kirby, Conway Twitty, Archie Campbell and the Oak Ridge Boys will headline the Fair this year. (7/8/1971)

     • A strike is now in progress at Energy Manufacturing Co. in Monticello. Factory workers went on strike at midnight July 1 and are currently picketing on an around-the-clock basis. The strike was preceded by a month of negotiations. When an agreement was not reached by the Union’s July 1 deadline, Union members walked out. (7/8/1971)

75 years ago:

     • The trustees of Lenox College, Hopkinton, have decided to give up the project of continuing the school and have entered into an agreement with the town of Hopkinton to transfer the property, buildings and personal equipment to the municipality. The college opened Sept. 1, 1859. (7/4/1946)

100 years ago:

     • Drs. C.G. Thomas and T.M. Redmond will enter into a partnership for the practice of medicine after July 1. They will occupy the rooms on the second floor of the McNeill building. (7/1/1921)

     • The George Stuhlers Sons Company are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of its stores this month. (7/1/1921)


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